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  • No impact to production websites and web applications.
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What You’ll Experience


Data Security

Fully understand your client-side code supply chain and who has access to your customer data.



Unearth what data is being collected, where it is being collected, where it is being stored, and where the data is going.


Threat Intelligence

Uncover vulnerabilities in your first- and third-party Javascript assets.


Attack Surface Mapping

Automatically discover all of your web assets, pages, input fields, scripts, forms and more across your entire website or web application.

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Activate your account by filling out the form above. You will receive an email from our team with next steps and how to get started.



We’ll walk you through how to start scanning up to five web applications or web pages. We will also teach you how to interpret the results and what action to take.



Gain a full overview of your client-side attack surface, including JavaScript code vulnerabilities and every script running on your page, the data it has access to and where that data is going. Operationalize your client-side threat intelligence to stop data exfiltration and client-side attacks.



Manage your client-side attack surface. Work with your security teams and engineers to stay ahead of client-side threats and reduce your cyber risk exposure.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime by sending an email to

Will I be charged for a free trial?

No, we will not charge you for the free trial. You do not have to provide billing information to proceed with a free trial. 

How long is my free trial?

When you sign up for a trial, you will have 30 days to use the product to evaluate your client-side security. Don’t worry, we’re here to help every step of the way. If you ever need any help, please send an email to

What do I have to install to run the trial?

Nothing! Feroot Inspector is a SaaS solution that doesn’t require an agent or the installation of software. Once you receive access to the platform, you can begin taking advantage of it’s features and functionality immediately.

Can I invite my team to the trial?

Yes you can! To add additional users, please send an email to We’re here to ensure you and your team have an excellent experience.



Feroot Security Inspector is an enterprise-grade security solution designed to serve businesses that interact with customers via websites and web applications. By registering for this 30-day free trial, you acknowledge that you have permission to scan your web applications and web pages and that you are responsible for the discovery and resolution of client-side threats that might be present on your applications. 

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